Business Unit Leader Infrastructure & Natural Resources Services
Laramie, WY
Year Joined: 2002

A desire to be close to the activities I love brought me to Trihydro, but the people I work with led to my long-term commitment to the company.  

My decision to become an engineer was not shaped by one defining moment, but rather by my personality and strong aptitude for math-related subjects.  As a young kid, I had aspirations of being the leader of the free world.  Really the only thing that stood in my way was shyness - I had an extreme aversion to talking with new people.  As I grew older, I realized a path to the presidency might mean I would have to interact with people I did not know, and that a career related to math might better suit me. Fortunately, at the time I did not realize that engineering would require more writing than math.

I earned my engineering degree at Colorado State University, where I met my wife of 17 years.  We actually met during concrete lab and our first date was a road trip to Winnipeg, Canada to participate in a concrete toboggan competition; really about as romantic as you can get.  My course work and my career have largely been focused on water resources and other natural resources aspects of engineering – driven by my affinity for the outdoors.  We moved around early, but always stayed in the Rockies where we were close to family and could spend our free time enjoying the mountains – camping, fishing, and snowmobiling.  This ultimately brought us to Laramie and Trihydro in early 2002.

Since joining Trihydro, I have enjoyed watching both my family and the company grow.  A desire to be close to the activities I love brought me to Trihydro, but the people I work with led to my long-term commitment to the company.  I have built some extraordinary friendships with both co-workers and clients.  I have been a part of Trihydro’s growth and success and have watched as co-workers have achieved both professional and personal goals.  Trihydro has really become more of a family for me than simply the place where I work.

I currently manage the Infrastructure and Natural Resources Services Business Unit and spend my time at Trihydro focusing on land reclamation and water resources projects; although, I am also provided opportunities to assist in infrastructure, transportation, mining, and environmental projects.  My time outside of work is focused on my family – watching as our three boys grow up and alternating between being amazed and frustrated by them.  As a boy who grew up with two sisters, I finally have the companions that are as excited as I am to go throw a baseball, go hunting, or ride sleds.  Between the exciting opportunities at Trihydro and our boys, I do not think my wife or I will grow bored anytime soon.

Our People Matter

Trihydro’s employees are its most valuable assets. We invest in employee development—and encourage an open, team-oriented, informal atmosphere that fosters employee well-being.

We are a team that builds strong client relationships founded on hard work and integrity. We seek talented, motivated professionals committed to doing the same.